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Reaching, teacing and empowering families
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The unexpected shift to Distance Learning has magnified the shared responsibility that schools and families have for student learning.  Positive relationships, ongoing communication, and strong collaboration between home and school are key to student success and it is the district’s commitment to continue fostering strong partnerships with families during Distance Learning.
We are fortunate to have three highly competent team members who help bridge the connection between the school/district and the parents using the parent’s native language, including Chinese, Spanish, and Vietnamese.
Tsung-Lin Chen
  • 408-923-1901
  • , Tue., Wed., Thurs & Fri. = 11:30 am to 3:45 pm
Lourdes Calande
Mai Nguyen
  • 408-923-1903
  • Mon.– Fri. = 8 am to 4 pm