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Summerdale's Dress Policy and Guidelines

Student dress code has a strong impact on a student’s capability to learn and is a reflection of
their self-esteem. The purpose of our dress policy is to ensure that students not only dress in
a way that promotes a positive learning environment but also promotes their safety within the
classroom and during recess.
Berryessa Union School District Board Policy 5132 states, “The development of attitudes and
behavior patterns in dress and grooming should be part of each student’s total educational
experience.” In general, students are not to be attired in clothing that compromises their
safety, ability to respond in an emergency, modesty, or is disruptive to the educational
process. To assist parents/guardians in planning their student’s apparel in Summerdale
In elementary school, the standard dress expectations for all Summerdale students are:
  • No exposed vital body parts/private parts.
  • No exposed undergarments such as bra straps, underwear, boxers, or pants sagging intentionally to expose undergarments. 
  • No pajamas
Furthermore, to ensure student safety, clothing considered unsafe and hazardous includes,
but is not limited to:
  • Crocs, flip-flops, open-toe shoes, sandals, or slides.
  • Clothing that contains offensive or obscene symbols, slogans, or words degrading any gender, cultural, religious, sexual, or ethnic values.
  • Contains language or symbols oriented towards violence, gore/blood, vandalism, sex, illegal substances, alcohol, tobacco, or marijuana.
  • No head-to-toe red clothing.
Dress Guidelines Consequences:
  • The student will receive a warning followed by a citation.
  • The student will receive a citation and request to change outfit dropped off by a parent/caregiver, or school-provided attire.