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2020 - 2021 Summerdale PTA

Welcome to the 2020 - 2021 school year!
We welcome all parents, teachers, and family members to join the Summerdale PTA.
The PTA or Parent Teacher Association is a group of volunteers who work together towards a common goal - to improve the student's educational experience at Summerdale! Every year, our PTA raises funds through various fundraising and community activities to help pay for classroom field trips, provide supplemental funding to our teachers to pay for supplies and curriculum, pay for school-wide assemblies, teacher appreciation events and so much more!!

What can you do to help PTA?

There are 2 ways you can help:
1. Sign up online to be a member of PTA today.  The $10.00 membership fee adds you to the national network of parents supporting public schools.  
2. Sign up to be a volunteer at school.  There are functions and events going on all year that we need volunteers to contribute time and talents to enrich the learning opportunities for all children.  Complete the PTA information form available in the school office or online and return it to the attendance clerk.

2020 - 2021 PTA Officers:
         President - Doris Hwang
         Vice President - Linze Nguyen 
         Secretary - Patty McDonald          
         Treasurer - Erin Garvey
        Historian - Udhaya Gopalan Rajeswari 
         Fundraising Chairperson - Nancy Ramirez
         Membership - Elisa Serrano and Maria Razo
PTA Board Meetings are on the first Monday of the month at 6:30 pm.
PTA Association Meetings (open to ALL PTA members) will be on 11/19, 2/4, 4/15, and 5/6 at 6:00 pm.
We need lots of volunteers and new officers each year so get involved today!

Questions? Call: 408-923-1960
We also have a Facebook group - Summerdale PTA